“All these niggas got herpes” -Joe Budden shares opinion on Usher’s herpes lawsuit

“I’m just singing ‘let it burn’ in my head,”  Joe Budden said, once his co-host DJ Akademiks brought up the ‘Usher herpes’ situation on Complex’s Everyday Struggle. He (obviously) was referring to Usher’s 2004 “Burn” song.

Joe was shocked Usher was allegedly sued for $10 million, saying herpes is “an everyday thing” and “it goes away sometimes.”

After some laughter, Budden revealed the STD is very common in the entertainment industry. “All these n*ggas got herpes! You think they just running around sticking their d*ck in every groupie in the continent and ain’t contract nothing?” Budden finally says that since he met Usher, he doesn’t want to talk bad about him, but it seemed a little too late for that. Read more

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