Island vs Mainland beef!


In the last couple of years, living on the island has been the “in thing” in Lagos! So much so that there’s been an imaginary demarcation between those who live on the Island and those who live on the mainland.

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As much as we hate to admit it, there is a huge difference between the “Islanders” and the “mainlanders” and this goes beyond pocket size! It’s in the lifestyle.

From jogging on the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge in the mornings without fear of being mugged to minimal harassment from law enforcement officers, the Island has crafted its own lifestyle. Even the bus conductors on the Island behave different from those on the mainland!

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With all said above, someone is probably saying “what does she mean? Is she saying Islanders live better than mainlanders?”

The answer is No!

I know a lot of people living better on the mainland than those on the Island. Heck! Even I used to live on the Island and I still miss living there.


There are amazing estates I would rather live in on the mainland simply because they are more structured and offer a better quality of life. Example, I would rather live in Magodo than in Femi Okunnu Estate (No shade intended).


Additionally, I believe lifestyle is more than where you live. To a large extent, it is dependent of personal taste and values. I can live on the Island and have a poor lifestyle, whilst someone living in Ikorodu has a healthier, enviable lifestyle. It is all a state of mind that needs to be changed.

Finally, I where does this Island end? Because those in Ajah, Badore, even Epe are all claiming Island too!

Written by Tracy Thomas

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