Lynxx shares opinion on Justin Beiber’s rediscovered faith

The news that Justin Beiber cancelled his ‘Purpose’ tour due to his rededication to Christ is …well, no longer news. 

Several people have expressed their opinions on this, including Nigerian singer Lynxx. The singer who himself found christ a few years ago is pretty pleased with Beiber’s decision as seen in his Instagram post.

“Jehovah will always have the final say! I pray this is 💯 True! We need more souljahs out there pushing the Gospel to the world!

When God opens ur eyes to ur Destiny, the only way others can understand it is by watching the hand of God manifest in your life! Theres just things u cant “explain”
#KeyIntoYourPurpose #LiveInPurpose#Saved #Lynxxxspiration 

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